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Chris Sale Had a Shitty Rehab Start Tonight So He Decided To Turn His Team's Clubhouse Into a Murder Scene And Destroyed Everything

Chris Sale was over in Worcester, MA tonight making a rehab start for the Woo Sox. Safe to say it didn't go as planned. 

3.2 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 5 BB, 5 K against the Scranton Railriders, the Yankees AAA affiliate. Tough scene as the Yanks minor leaguers grinded out at bat after at bat against the lefty. 

Now Chris Sale isn't a stranger to destroying team equipment as we saw with the White Sox, so he decided it was appropriate to take out his frustrations on the clubhouse and turn it into a murder scene. No care in the world whatsoever for the kids watching at home he's a role model for. No regard for the minor league workers who had to clean up his mess that resembled the aftermath of a hurricane. Nope, Chris couldn't throw strikes in a rehab start and gave up one whole earned run so he had to go full Hulk and ruin everyone else's night. Totally normal, not deranged psychopathic behavior. What a swell fella. 

I'm not entirely sure how the person taking that video lived long enough to hit send, but I'm so glad they did. Their bravery will not go unnoticed. Assuming they're still alive, probably wanna lay low for a while and maybe change your identity. 

P.S. What a Wednesday it was for Sox fans! They got Sale and Brayan Bello starting on the same day. Surely just cause Sale had a rough go didn't mean the guy their fanbase dubbed the next Pedro had to struggle as well, right?