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We're Off To Hot Starts At The WSOP Main Event!


Oh man, what a ride it has been. Yesterday I played in my 5th Main Event. That's still crazy to me. Just a kid from Columbia, Maryland playing on the big stage. I can't believe I got to play 1, nevermind 5 now. (And no, Barstool is not paying for this one.)

Things went great yesterday. I got there at 12:30 and immediately chipped up to 75.9k in a half hour before the first break. After break, a pro/streamer/Big Brother winner sat down on my left, which was fun but also never fun to have a good player on your left!



The day continued to go smoothly. I hit hands (flopped a set and got paid, rivered the nut straight twice) and got value from them. Got some nice bluffs through. All in all, just a good few hours of grinding, playing smart (I folded JJ preflop!) and not punting. I went to dinner with a big stack that I felt great about.



After dinner I swung a bit, going up to 150, going down to around 95 (lost two pair to a better two pair), and then finished the level at 125.5k with 2 hours left in the night. (Levels are 2 hours each, and you play 5 of them per day).

The final level was awesome. One dude bluffed into me for a big chunk, another hand I had A6cc and the flop came A6x and I got a decent sized pot, as well as a few other good ones. It was a dream level and I ended the night with a huge stack, 201.3k!



For context, I finished 35th/1,376 players moving on to day 2 (1,800 total began the day). Flights 1A, 1B, and 1C (me) combine tomorrow for day 2. I am 63rd/2,640, so about top 2% in chips, which is a good place to be. There's obviously a long, longgggg way to go though, as the money bubble probably won't burst til day 4! But boy it feels good to get through day 1 with all them chips.


Smitty also had a great day at the table, bagging over 3 starting stacks to bring into tomorrow.





It's actually surreal how big we both bagged. Smitty goes into tomorrow 101/2,640. 


Today, Mintz, Owen, and Jake are all playing.



And because the sim is broken, Mintz is seated next to Phil F'ing Ivey.





Only Mintzy, man. Only Mintzy.


Looking forward to getting back on the felt tomorrow and continuing the grind. I hope to keep playing good and running way better. Again, there's SO MUCH play left, anything can happen. Just happy with my day 1 and hope to parlay it into day 2. We shall see!

In the meantime, me and Smitty after 12 hours of play did a 30 min recap last night (no need to thank us for our service!). We gave our thoughts, talked about some key hands, and recapped the day that was. Appreciate you if you listen and subscribe! 





PS: Thank you Dave.