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Aaron Rodgers' New Tattoo Is Exactly What You'd Expect

If I ever had the urge to get a tattoo, but right before telling the guy what I want I took LSD, PCP, and smoked hash oil while also watching a marathon of Infowars I imagine this is what it'd come out like. 

Have to imagine Rodgers' new girl Blu had a hand in the design, not to be confused with Blu of Earth. 

Definitely NOT a witch by the way, if you were thinking that.

Anyways the real question at hand is what does the tattoo mean? I mean I could speculate it has something to do with his astrological sign mixed with some sort of buried treasure, the Illuminati, constellations, and doing your own research but I'm not an expert so I won't be doing so. No, for that answer we leave it to the big guns.

Need Windy on ESPN breaking this down for a full segment PRONTO.

Illuminati tattoo, no illuminati tattoo, witch girlfriend, non-witch girlfriend. I don’t care! Just figure out how to turn Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, Christian Watson, and Sammy Watkins into a competent WR group or so help me god.