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Cyclist Hits The World With A Title Belt Celebration Thinking He Won A Tour de France Stage ... One Tiny Problem, Uh, He Didn't Win

So you may think I'm talking about the guy in the yellow here. Oh no, since as you can tell he won by a wide margin. I'm talking about the dummy in blue well behind the guy in yellow. The guy going title belt title for stage four of the Tour de France. 

JASPER JACOBS. Getty Images.

How does this keep happening? This is the third cyclist blog I've had in the past couple months with people doing the same thing. You gotta know what position you're in. You gotta know whether you won or not before you start going Aaron Rodgers Steve Novak on us. Man I miss Steve Novak. 

At least the dude had a good sense of humor about it on Twitter: 

He had no other play here. You can't make excuses. You gotta know you're about the 100th person to do this because cycling has a premature problem. Even the last dude who I blogged about chimed in.

I just don't get it man. Are they all Desean Jackson fans or something? Do they not have anyone telling them they need to get into first to celebrate? I'm not going to lie and say I'm a cycling fan, I mean I remember Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis but that's about it. I just need to know more about this premature problem.