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The Browns vs. Baker Mayfield And The Panthers Week 1 Matchup Just Became The Most Anticipated Game Of The Year


- Deshaun Watson gets suspended for at least 8 games, and the Browns have to trot out Jacoby Brissett in Week 1 vs. the Panthers.

- Baker Mayfield beats out Sam Darnold for the Panthers QB1 job, meaning he starts vs. the Browns.

- Baker proceeds to throw for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns on the Browns, who haven't won in Week 1 in 17 years.

- OBJ retweets a Baker highlight from home on his couch, saying he's happy #6 finally got outta there and he wishes him well. 

- Baker Mayfield, after planting a flag at the 50 yard line while Toby Keith's "How Do You Like Me Now?" blares throughout the stadium, then heads to his press conference where he reads out of the little black notebook he's kept for the last 4 years and lights up the entire Browns organization.

- After 5 straight hours of warranted shots at the Browns ownership, front office, coaches, and fans, Baker is reluctantly dragged off the podium by his teammates while screaming "They gave him 230 million GUARANTEED!" and laughing uncontrollably like the Joker.


- Will Baker win the QB1 job? Reporters are saying it's being handed to him, but like, it's Sam Darnold you guys…

- Who would Baker rather face in Week 1, Deshaun or Jacoby? Sure, his chances of winning increase exponentially if Brissett plays, but could you imagine Baker BEATING the guy the Browns threw him out on the curb for? I'm a Browns fan and even I want to see that post-game press conference.

- Is there ANY chance Baker beats the Browns and takes the high road?

- Where will this rank as worst trades in Browns history? The "experts" are not making me feel good right now…