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Barstool Takes Over The WSOP In Las Vegas Yet Again

And by Barstool I of course mean the King of Kings! Benjamin Franklin Mintz has arrived in Las Vegas for the Main Event! Just observe your Lord in all of his 4th of July glory!

I'll be honest, I don't even get that comfortable in my own house. But that's how Kings stay Kings. As for the rest of us peasants in the desert, we're just looking to gather whatever scraps are left at the table. Fortunately for Nate and myself, we're someway, somehow getting fed. 

Holy stacks Batman! Actually incredible Day 1 scores by the both of us. My previous high after the first day was about 90K. A few years back Nate won the Main Event on Day 1 before miraculously not even making the money. And now we're both in GREAT spots heading into Day 2. We talked about the day at 2am Vegas time after the cards were done if you'd like to take a gander: 

Mintzy, Owen, and our podcast cohost pro Jake Toole, who is going for his super impressive SIXTH straight Main Event cash take the felt today. Nate and myself begin our quest in Day 2 tomorrow at 11am local time. 

Till then, good luck to all, and All Hail General Spank. 

PS - Obligatory.