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MUST WATCH: Do Not Store the Fireworks Next to Your Gas Tank

I think I'm obligated to lead this off by saying obviously I hope everyone in this video is ok. This could have turned out very badly.

With that said, this video rocks.

Everything about it is perfect. The nonsensical placement of the fireworks directly next to a gasoline-powered vehicle, the drunk uncle saying, "That's not gonna work," the guy in the bottom right who immediately disregards the several children around him and takes off and most importantly, the SimpliSafe logo in the corner. This family may have actually been paid by SimpliSafe to try this, because you can't buy this kind of viral marketing.

Every time you watch this, you see something new. I'm on my 19th viewing and just now noticed the kid who watches the entire stash of fireworks ignite from about three feet away and just tries to plug his ears.

I hope everyone is ok. As long as they are, though, this is hysterical. USA.