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It Just Means More: Boca Juniors Fans Unleashed One Hell Of A Firework Show Outside Of Their Opponent's Team Hotel At 3am

Setting off fireworks outside the team hotel isn't new. It's done quite a bit. But this? This is by far the best firework show I've seen. I genuinely don't care about firework shows. They are basically the same thing every single year and it's just more of a reason to sit around with some pals and drink. But I support this sort of firework show. One that starts at 3am and wakes up an opponent, because it's legit. These look like they are being set off directly on the hotel building. Good luck sleeping through that.*

*I say that as someone with a kid, pregnant wife and dog. 4th of July was truly a disaster this year in terms of sleep schedules. 

This is what you do in Argentina though. This is for the Cup. The Liberatordes Cup that is. Sure, it might be the 2nd leg of the Round of 16, but you can't get to the Finals without winning this leg. Especially since it's tied 0-0 right now. As a fan you need to anything in your power to get a homefield advantage. If that means risking a Terry back up situation then so be it.

It's all about the team.