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VICTORY: Sofia Vergara Got Redemption On Her July 4th Battle With Pool Floats

Dan MacMedan. Getty Images.

This is a little thing we like to call victory, folks. For some on July 4 it was about fireworks and hanging out with family and friends. For others it was reality setting in that it was actually a Monday and everyone was back to work the following day. We gotta change that. All major holidays should fall on a Friday or Thursday where everyone has off Thursday then. 

But for Sofia Vergara, well, yesterday was about redemption. You see that post of her on a raft might seem insignificant. Until you look at her previous post a mere hours before: 

Sometimes the raft gets ya. It doesn't matter if you're rich and famous, good looking or not. Everyone falls off a pool raft. Those bastards never seem to stay where they should. Then you have to battle your way back on and try not to fall again. Sofia learned that lesson the hard way. 

That's what this blog is about. Celebrating the victories.