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It Will Be An Absolute Crime If Julio Rodriguez Isn’t In The All-Star Game AND Home Run Derby

Sooooo I think we just have to say that Julio Rodriguez is really good. Like really, really good. Like it’s gonna be a crime if he isn’t in the All-Star Game AND Home Run derby. He should be in LA regardless of if he has to be the Mariners rep or not, he’s good enough to be voted into the ASG. The stuff he’s doing is historic, things we haven’t seen. His combo of power and pure hitting ability is pretty wild. He's got all the tools you'd want out of a franchise player, Seattle got themselves a good one. 

He’s swiping bags left and right, hitting second deck tank jobs, he’s what the Mariners have needed for years. Again not only should he be an All Star because he’s that damn good, but he needs to be in LA at the Derby as well. Guy hits BOMBS. He almost put one on top of the metal supply building out in San Diego, that is some big power. Out of all rookies he's first in runs (47), has 16 more hits than Bobby Witt Jr. who has the second most hits out of all rookies, tied for the lead in doubles with 16, leads the way with 15 homers, has most runs batted in, 6th most walks, has already stolen 20 bags, and has a .275 average, .335 OBP, .489 slugging %, and an OPS of .824. The kid is a monster. He's a machine. The perfect guy you can plug in the lineup and you know what you're getting out of him. His night may consist of walk, stolen base and a bomb. I think you sign up for that if you could. 

So you see the stat above, fastest player in MLB HISTORY to reach 15 HRs and 20 SBs, he did it in 81 games. The 2 closest to him were Ellis Burks who did it in 82 games and some guy named Barry Bonds who did it in 90 games. You read that correctly, he hit 15 homers and stole 20 bags quicker than BARRY BONDS, THE BEST PLAYER WHO EVER PLAYED THE GAME.

He's far and away the leading guy for rookie of the year, there isn't really anyone else in his conversation. Seeing a young star like this in the derby would be awesome. A young stud, face of the franchise type guy who legit could win a derby. He's got the power, he's got the hang time, he's a star. So much fun to watch, and if Seattle could put any type of team around him they'd have a nice little team. He's one of the guys you have to showcase if you're the MLB. You have these young stars, get their faces out there at these events. It's a no-brainer in my mind.