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The White Sox Found Another New Way To Embarrass Themselves Last Night, Literally

I say literally because it's the first 8-5 triple play ever turned in the history of Major League Baseball. The White Sox are finding new ways to not just lose, but to make headlines in bad ways. I am so sick and tired of this goddamn organization shooting itself in the foot not just on the field, which is happening way too regularly in their "competitive window" but on the PR front as well.  

Let's list the fuck ups from top to bottom:

1. Engel should have pinch ran for Sheets immediately after he reached 1B. If he would have been pinch ran for, he would have been on 3B on Moncada's single. That fuck up is on Tony

2. Moncada did everything right up until the point where he completely fucked up by following Engel instead of following the ball and listening to McEwing

3. Engel completely shat down his leg. I've never seen anything like it. He admitted it too. If he pulled that move in a freshman B game that I was coaching I would have been at a loss of words, let alone watching it happen in an MLB game

4. Idk if McEwing or Boston were directing Yo and Engel where to be and go, but if they weren't, they fucked up too. That'd be a borderline fireable offense and McEwing has had a dog shit year as 3B coach himself. He's the south side version of Wavin' Wendell Kim (RIP in peace) 

Engel fucked up the entirety of the play. He deserves 100% of the blame. Moncada, TLR and others also fucked up. Not quite as badly, but bad enough to set off the chain reaction of embarrassing acts in that 10 second span that I have to stop my Band of Brothers rewatch and stop studying for my K-Flay interview I got coming up in a few minutes. 

This team stinks. Major shake up is needed. They sure can win the division still because it's completely grotesque, but this ain't it. About 10 pieces need to be removed and replaced. It kills my soul. 

Oh and Robert needs to stop swinging at fucking everything