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Another Conference Realignment Report: The Big 12 Is Trying To Stay Alive By Adding Up To Six Pac-12 Teams

[CBS] - The Big 12 is involved in deep discussions to add multiple Pac-12 programs as a way to shore up its membership in the wake of the USC and UCLA defection to the Big Ten, sources tell CBS Sports. At least four teams are being considered with the potential for the Big 12 to add more as realignment continues to shake out.

Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah were mentioned specifically as the teams being targeted by the Big 12, sources tell CBS Sports. There is also consideration of adding Oregon and Washington to make the Big 12 an 18-team league, the largest in the FBS.

A merger of the Big 12 and Pac-12, in some form, is also a possibility.

"Everything is on the table," said one Big 12 source

Another day, another conference realignment report. It's not exactly shocking. We're in a race to see what conferences can stay alive in college football. The Big 12 is basically trying to take the leftover Pac-12 teams + the Houston, BYU, UCF and Cincinnati and turn it into another power conference. Will they be able to compete with the SEC and Big 10? Probably not but they are close enough to stay relevant. That's one of the steps here. 

Now there's also this out there about Oregon and Washington: 

Frankly I hate all of it. I understand the money involved and realignment has been going on forever, but when we start talking about losing the Pac-12 or legislation preventing shit, you've lost me. I mean I'm still going to watch. I'm still going to live and die with every Kentucky game. But I'm going to long for the days of the 9 team ACC, the old SEC, the original Big East, etc. That's the toughest part of all of this. What are we going to do with an 18-team conference? Nothing like never playing teams in your own league. 

While that report is out there, I can't help but laugh at the Pac-12 and this: 


Would love to see how those negotiations are going. Would also probably help if anyone in the world ever got to watch the Pac-12 Network, but what can you do about that. I assume they are just going around begging for help. All of this is just getting old though. Either we need to lock in these mega conferences that are going to happen or no more moving. 

Again, my main thing here, let college basketball have their own conferences. The sports are just too different. Keep the NCAA Tournament the same, keep the conference tournaments, all that. Don't mess with my sport just because of realignment. Let there be different conferences for the sports.