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Close Calls: Sierra Leone Is Investigating Match Fixing After Two Soccer Matches Naturally End 95-0 And 91-1

[Source] - Sierra Leone's football association is investigating two matches in the country's top flight they called 'impractical' after finishing with scores of 95-0 and 91-1.

Players and officials who competed in the two Eastern Regional Super 10 League games are being probed after the eye-catching scorelines that saw Kahula Rangers beat Lumbenbu United 95-0, while Koquima Lebanon were on the receiving end of the 91-1 beating by Gulf FC.

In a statement, Sierra Leone's FA said they had a 'zero tolerance' policy against any match fixing and said anyone involved would face 'the full force of the law'.

How does this keep happening? I'm honestly shocked how many times I've blogged about ridiculous match-fixing allegations. You don't need to win 95-0 or 91-1! Just win like 6-0. That happens. That's not crazy. If you need a goal differential of like 45 just chalk it up to not winning enough earlier in the year. 

Laugh out loud funny they are calling it 'impractical.' Uh ya think? 95 goals in one soccer game. Clearly that happens quite a bit. It's not outlandish in the slightest. Soccer is known for scoring. No one would ever blink at 95 goals or a 91-1 victory.  Just further proves that soccer and all of sports are games of inches. A couple inches the other way and those wins are just 84-0 or 79-3. Tough breaks all around. 

I do want to know more about the 91-1 game. Did they openly decide to give up a goal so it wasn't *as* obvious? Was it by accident? I know I'm not up to date on most Sierra Leone soccer activity, but that's the part of the story I need to know more about. I really hope it was a team decision where they thought 91-0 was too fucked up.