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Drew Lock Had The Lamest Possible Response After Getting Roasted Multiple Times By The US Open's Official Twitter Account

This all started a few days back when the US Open's official Twitter account decided to raise a little hell. I enjoy it. I do hate/not understand why people look through replies on Twitter and respond there, but so be it. It gave us a little bit of content. I don't even know why the US Open cares about sheahawksfan2314 and what's going on at Wimbledon. We're the US Open here fellas and ladies. 

Anyways, they doubled down when making fun of Drew Lock: 

Person running that account must love Chris Simms. Also must hate Drew Lock. Poor guy is catching strays while he might not even be the starting QB. Geno is there at 33! I'm not here to debate the list or anything like that. I want to talk about how Drew Lock responded. This is how you know Drew Lock is going to be a failure in Seattle: 

Woof. Drew Lock when full internet commenter and not ironically. He really went with 'the intern' which is as lame as it gets when making fun of people running social media or anything like that. It's not even true! It's for sure not funny. One of those things that needs to retire along with people who respond 'do better', 'understood the assignment', 'my forever date' and 'rent free.' They've all been overused and just flat out suck now. 

Sure he may have been playing into it and rightfully so. Good for Lock to do so. Just be funnier. That's the simple request here. Go on something different than 'the intern.' You had days to come up with a rebuttal and you basically when James Carville in Old School after the OG Frank the Tank obliterates him in a debate. 

Meanwhile American Taylor Fritz, who has Rafa in the quarters coming up here, knows how to use Twitter a bit better: