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Watch This When You're High - The Free Masons

Shout out to @hellinasell for the recommendation.

Here's a goodie. Dropping this on an NFL Sunday with Bucs-Chiefs on Sunday Night Football, AND Thrones on tonight might seem unfair but spark one up after and dive into some good old secret society deep diving here.

Freemasons, known popularly for their white aprons, arcane symbols, and secret handshake, are members of the world's oldest fraternal organization. Despite its longevity, Freemasonry (sometimes known simply by the shortened Masons) has long been shrouded in mystery. To outside observers, the organization's rites and practices may seem cult-like, clannish, and secretive — even sinister. 

Some of this stems from Freemasons' often deliberate reluctance to speak about the organization's rituals to outsiders, according to Time. But it is also partly the result of many popular movies and books, such as Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code", that have fostered misconceptions or depicted the order in an unflattering light. 

In reality, however, Freemasonry is a worldwide organization with a long and complex history. Its members have included politicians, engineers, scientists, writers, inventors, and philosophers. Many of these members have played prominent roles in world events, such as revolutions, wars, and intellectual movements. 

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