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The Mavericks Need To Stop Whining And Bitching About The Knicks Signing Jalen Brunson

[Source] - From what I’ve gathered, the Mavericks are quite frustrated with the Knicks — and not just because reports of a finished deal came out before New York was even allowed to speak with Brunson (though I am not sure how tampering rules account for father-son relationships, and this situation involves two of those). Dallas wasn’t thrilled about Knicks executive William “World Wide Wes” Wesley showing up courtside to a Mavs-Jazz playoff game, either.

At the time, people placed attention on Donovan Mitchell, who was competing in that game, as well, and who has been the center of Knicks-related speculation ever since Wesley and Leon Rose left CAA, Mitchell’s agency, to take over this front office a couple of years ago. But they have a relationship with Brunson, too. And oh man, have they used it.

Hey Dallas, stop bitching. Sorry the Knicks are using World Wide Wes, who Clem dubbed 'the Littlefinger of the NBA' to our advantage. It's called being smart. Maybe you should learn a thing or two because I'm pretty sure Luka and Dragic are tampering too. 

Doncic and Dragic on whether they will play together in Dallas next season. Luka: “I would like to answer, but I think it is a fine of 100,000 dollars. You should ask the GM.” Goran: "We can't talk until July 1."

It's also just ironic to hear any NBA team complain about tampering. Guys are talking all the time. Shams/Woj are dropping signings 10 seconds after free agency 'starts.' It doesn't matter the year, the player, the team. Plus, how do we know there was even tampering? The Knicks hired Jalen Brunson's dad as an assistant coach. It's called being respectful and talking to your dad at the dinner table. 

You know who would tell Dallas to shut the fuck up? David Stern, that's who. He'd be tampering for teams and that's why he was the best. Adam Silver should take a lesson and just push this story under the rug. That or hit the Knicks with like a $100 fine. 

Now add in all the jokes about the Knicks finishing 8th in the Eastern Conference. Or go the Sick League route. Your choice.