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It Would Appear Luka Doncic Has Added The Skyhook To His Arsenal And That Is Terrifying

Hope everyone is having themselves a nice 4th of July so far, I would just like a quick second of your time if that's alright. Did I know I would be talking about the Slovenia FIBA qualifier during this holiday weekend? Nope. Didn't see that one coming. But that that clip came across my timeline and I have no other choice. I'm sorry, is that a skyhook? There's a lot to digest in that 12 second clip so let's get right to it.

First off, Luka looks great. Is this the year he finally comes into the season in shape? Think of how devastating he is while not giving a shit about conditioning or working on his body,. If you need a reminder, here ya go

Imagine what happens if he finally takes this shit seriously and gets in shape? That's pretty terrifying.

Equally as terrifying is if he's adding the skyhook to his arsenal. I've never understood why players have moved away from the skyhook. It's legitimately unstoppable. I know this because of Kareem's 38,387 career points, which ya the most all time, I'd argue like 20K of them came via the skyhook.

Don't ask to see my math on that, just go with it. The point is, nobody in the history of the NBA has proven they can block/stop the skyhook consistently yet nobody does it. If they do, it's by accident. I love the idea of Luka adding this to his game seeing as how he's someone who is elite at getting into the paint. Honestly, what do you do if he unleashes this on you?

I get why players don't shoot granny-style from the line, because that's easy to make fun of. That is not the case with the skyhook. You don't look silly doing it. You expect this move to come from a big, a guy with great touch and length. The fact that we're seeing from a point guard is awesome. 

I'm sure there are some that will say this is FIBA and there's no way he does this in the NBA, and I couldn't disagree more. FIBA is where Luka works out the kinks so that it's ready for the regular season. Every offseason the good players come back with something new, and even though the skyhook isn't new, it's the perfect addition to Luka's game. We know he has the step back, we know he has the floater, we know he can get to the rim. Playing for his drive only to see him drill skyhooks right in your eyeball is going to be so deflating for his defender I can't wait to see it.