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Joey Chestnut Won The Hot Dog Eating Contest On One Leg And He Snapped A Protestor's Neck In The Process


Joey Chestnut showed up to the Hot Dog contest today on 1 leg. Some people are calling it his Jordan Flu Game, other's are now calling Jordan's Flu Game the Chestnut Crutches Game. Either way, Joey showed up hobbled, but undeterred. 

He went at the hot dogs like your mom in a back alley when rent is due, shoveling them down his throat with speed and precision. 



And then halfway through, like Sting coming down from the rafters, a protestor tried to get in Chestnut's grill. But he picked the wrong grill today.



Not joking, I think he snapped his neck. Like, actually snapped it. I've never seen anything like that outside of TV shows. I have no idea if the protestor is alive. And then Joey just kept eating dogs. Has to be the first person in history to commit murder on national TV while in an eating contest, that's for sure.

And what's up with security at this thing? Remember when Big Cat was in it and PETA splashed paint on him?



Figure out your security, Hot Dog Contest. These athletes deserve better.