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Florida Man Kills Rooster, Arrested By Chicken Police

We have our first Florida Man story of the summer and we are off to a hot start! 

A vicious cold-hearted killer rooster attacked a man on the Northside of Jacksonville, FL. The man's father had already been attacked by the devil rooster once before and now he was coming for the son. The foul fowl was out for this family's blood. The ruthless rooster flared his neck and jumped up at the man, so he exercised his God given rights as an American and defended his life. 

Rooster attacks man, man kills rooster, it's a tale as old as America. The nerve of his neighbor to call the chicken police on him. That man had to go to jail and be put in a holding cell with god know's who for doing stuff that Church's, Popeye's, and Kentucky Fried Chicken do everyday. Really!

If I'm this man, once I get all the legal issues settled, I'm putting up a big No Trespassing sign in my yard with a picture of a chicken on it and if any of that neighbors chicken's put even one of their chicken feet on my property, I'm firing up the grill and having a nice chicken dinner right in the front yard for the neighbor to see.