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A Man By The Monicker "Mr. Ice" Is Single Handedly Saving The White Sox Season

Saturday night, I got a notification that one of my favorite people at Barstool tagged me in a tweet. It was this video:

I kinda ignored it because the White Sox are SO volatile from a gambling perspective (and actual perspective) this year. I wanted to tell him to "save your money" but I didn't. I guess I didn't want to dissuade people from tailing Mr. Ice on the book. 

Fast forward a few hours and the White Sox pulled out a 1-0 victory over the Giants on a go ahead 9th inning RBI single by none other than Leury Garcia who, for my money, is the worst player in all of baseball.

That's not an embellishment. He really sucks. If he's winning games for the Sox, something ain't right in the universe. 

And because it was so shocking that Leury Garcia of all people came though, maybe - just MAYBE - we're on to something here. Maybe this is the exact kinda black magic sorcery we need to turn the White Sox season around. Good juju is good juju, right? Let's see how this goes. Elio says the Sox are winning 14 in a row and who am I to argue with Mr. Ice?

Let's continue.

Game 3 rolls around. Sox win again, this time by a score of 13-3. It was a BLOOD BATH. Giants had position players pitching. Mr. Ice did it again! 

Hmmm... okay.

Giphy Images.

Are stars aligning? Is Mr. Ice about to go on an all time heater and will the White Sox to a 14 game win streak? After looking at the pitching matchups against the Twins…. maybe. Like a "slightly better than non-zero chance" type of maybe. But still a maybe. 

Hold up though… look at the pitching matchups this series:

Cueto vs. Bundy (Cueto has been so nails and doesn't look like he's due for regression)
Kopech vs. Archer (Archer fucking sucks)
Lynn vs. Ryan (largest "toss up" game of the series)

On paper, the White Sox will be favored in every game I'd guess. Today they're -120 on the ML. If they have any balls, they sweep this series. Not saying they do or they will… but they could, if not should. I promise you 26 players in the clubhouse think they sweep, so White Sox fans should think so too. They just can't do "White Sox" things which is a difficult (but not impossible) ask. If they play clean baseball like they did in SF this weekend, they will win the series, if not sweep. Then it's Detroit for a 4 game set in which they are the head and shoulders better team.

I realize this is an extreme long shot and I'm relying on Mr. Ice's voodoo magic, but that's what this season has to. Relying on the supernatural. 

What a great series for the White Sox last weekend. 3-0 on the west coast ain't an easy feat no matter who you're playing. But now the Twinkies are in town for the biggest series of the year thus far. Mr. Ice, we need you tonight. We NEED you. Let's get to 14-0 and let's do it on the Barstool Sportsbook.