Happy Independence Day! Now Let's Watch The 4th Of July Fireworks Baseball Scene From The Sandlot

That right there is a first ballot Hall of Fame scene for nostalgia. The freedom of summer, playing with your childhood pals, and gazing at some of the finest fireworks your local small town government has to offer unleashes all the throwback dopamine into your brain while Ray Charles tickles the ivory. There's been this rush by people to trash The Sandlot because people on the internet are assholes. But the people that trash this scene should be fed to The Beast one limb at a time because it's the most delicious slice of Americana you will ever see in your life.

Speaking of which, the most American parlay you will find today is only on the Barstool Sportsbook

Bet it now because we have a Marlins game at 11:05 AM ET and spend your day rooting for bombs being dropped on the field to win you cash before they are launched above the stadiums at night. Home runs, fireworks, and money. How beautiful is that?

Blogger's Note: Yeah I included a parlay at the end of my annual Sandlot 4th of July baby. You know why? Because the only thing more American than 4th of July fireworks and baseball is capitalism! Look how proud Large is for me pulling this off.

I love this picture even more than that Sandlot scene