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Phil Hellmuth Eating A Sandwich Like An Absolute Mad Man Gave Us One Of The Best Play By Play Calls Of The Year


I cannot get enough of this video. The booth is absolutely stunned by the savage behavior they just witnessed. Unable to formulate words about Phil ate a roast beef sandwich. 4 handed going for his 17th bracelet and Phil is going to TOWN on that sandwich like he hasn't eaten a meal in 3 weeks. Going after that roast beef in ways that would make Peter North blush. Don't show this video to your girl, you don't want unrealistic expectations. And him saying .5 seconds before "Food makes me lucky"...just a perfect Phil moment. Nobody like him. Once I think I'm out on him and all his lame antics, he devours a sandwich like a caveman and pulls me right back in.



And by the way, happy Main Event Day 1!!!!



I'm thinking I'll play the Main tomorrow (Day 1B), but that depends on how today's tournament goes. General Spank is also here, and he's on Day 2 of the Golden Nugget Main with a boatload of chips.



Gl to the General!

We will have a new episode of the podcast this week, so subscribe, especially if something wild happens with any of us in the Main!