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Alexander Volkanovski Makes It Look EASY Against Max Holloway

Shiiiiit - Alexander Volkanovski just made it look easy against Max Holloway for five straight rounds, and he talked shit while doing so!

Not to toot our own horn, but this fight went EXACTLY as we predicted it would this week on the Spinnin Backfist MMA Show. Alexander Volkanovski is simply on another level right now, and the time spent between the first two Holloway bouts and this fight only allowed him to get better and widen the gap between the two of them when it comes to speed, power, athleticism - everything. He very well may be the best Featherweight of all time, and you could even make the case he's the P4P #1 right now.

Alexander Volkanovski kept getting better and better in this fight, didn't get gassed for a second, and pieced Max Holloway up like he's never been pieced up before - just look at his face!

What's next for Alexander Volkanovski? He's cleared out everyone at Featherweight - does he move up to Lightweight and challenge for the title immediately like he intends to? I don't hate it one bit, and I guess it's just up to Dana!

Shoutout to Max Holloway for being a savage and sticking in there as always - that's seven straight twenty-five minute fights for him. Insane.

UPDATE: Holy shit, Volk might've done all of that with a broken hand!