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Alex Pereira Sends Sean Strickland To The Shadow Realm

RIGHT ON THE BUTTON! Unbelievable accuracy and power on display from the former GLORY World Champion in Alex Pereira tonight, where he handed Sean Strickland his first loss in over four years! All it takes is one right on the chin from Pereira to put your lights out, as he showed against current UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya in 2016....

....and now, so long as "The Last Stylebender" successfully defends his title in our main event tonight, they'll run it back for a third time - but for the time ever in mixed martial arts competition (as the previous fights were kickboxing bouts). This was basically the best-case scenario for the UFC storyline wise, and I don't know a combat sports fan in the world who wouldn't love to see that rematch after watching what Pereira could do to a guy like Strickland tonight.

Time for our co-main event! Volk vs Holloway 3! This should be awesome.