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"Suga" Sean O'Malley vs Pedro Munhoz Ends In A Disappointing No Contest After An Accidental Eye Poke

Well....that sucked.

Sean O'Malley vs Pedro Munhoz was a pretty interesting fight while it lasted - O'Malley was starting to find his rhythm with strikes while Munhoz was firing leg kick after leg kick like his life depended on it (smart gameplan tbh, but O'Malley had it scouted and checked the kicks well) when O'Malley poked Munhoz in the eye, immediately ending the fight.

You could tell Pedro was in agony, so the UFC doctor came into the octagon, and Munhoz told him he only saw black - so he had to call it. Such a shame for that to happen for both guys, the fans, and the UFC. Just a lose-lose-lose-lose.

Weirdly, the eye poke didn't even look that bad compared to those we're used to seeing in MMA. Sometimes you'll see a dude knuckle deep in another man's skull, but this one kinda just looked like a glancing hit of the eyelid.


Feits makes a great point here though....

I don't think Munhoz was puttin on a show or anything, but it was just bizarre that THAT was the shot to do him in. Hopefully they'll run this one back.

Robbie Lawler and Bryan Barberena already put the mojo of this this card back on track, though, so don't you worry about a thing. UFC 276 is still on pace to be an awesome pay-per-view.