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The Braves Are Reportedly the Favorites to Land Jacob deGrom If and When He Opts Out of His Mets Contract This Offseason

What an incredibly odd, yet equally delightful tweet to come across on this fine Saturday afternoon.

I have no idea why Buster Olney released this news seemingly out of nowhere today, but I absolutely love it. Honestly, I wouldn't even want the Braves to get Jacob deGrom — the guy never plays — other than the fact that it would be hysterical to watch Mets fans suffer. It's one of the few things in this life which brings me joy.

If deGrom is looking to sign a one-year deal to set himself up for a big payday in 2024, that kind of contract has been right up the Braves' alley under Alex Anthopoulos. He's given Cole Hamels $18 million, Dallas Keuchel $13 million and Charlie Morton $15 million all on one-year contracts. So if you can get deGrom on a deal like that — even thought it will obviously cost a bit more money — go for it.

Again, this is purely schadenfreude. He's only going to make 11 starts, but whatever. The joy we would all receive from watching the unmistakable affirmation of Mets fans' inferiority complex would be more than worth it.

When you haven't won a World Series since the Reagan administration, seeing all your division rivals do that doesn't hurt all that badly. But this is going to send them over the edge and I will be cackling.