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Hitting A Dude In The Nuts This Hard Should Be A Felony

All is fair in love and war. Except for hitting a dude in the dick and nuts. You can't just go around massacring sacks like that with reckless abandon. At least not in this economy. 

A little cup check here and there? Fine, I'll allow it. A casual sack tap amongst pals? It's all in good fun. But a two-hand smackdown on the hang down like that? Greeeeeasy. My man looked like he was trying to chop town a whole ass tree when all he was going after was the twig and berries. 

I just feel like you have to set some sort of precedence for this level of recklessness. You let this one slide and who knows where that leads to next. Lacrosse is typically played with just one ball on the field, but another one of these slashes and we might end up with 3. Truth be told, I didn't go to law school. Hard to believe, I know. But I still feel confident enough to say a felony charge here would hold up in a court of law.