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Oh No! What A Shame!: Ronaldo Reportedly Has Asked To Leave Man U

Ohh well what do we have here? The true LeBron of European soccer. Ronaldo wants to play in the Champions League. Well pal, maybe don’t suck at Man U and turn them into a shit show after you transfer there. Decent step to playing in a Champions League.

This is why I can’t fully respect Ronaldo. He demands to go to all these different places just so he can chase rings. Dude if you’re the best (he’s not) surely you can finish top 4 in a league. However much like LeBron he went and failed at one of the biggest names in sports.

I’d compare him to KD, but KD had to play with Kyrie. Don’t blame him for regretting that decision. As for Ronaldo, he should just go back to Portugal and play for his original club. End it there and tear up Portuguese soccer. That or go to the MLS.