The Padres Released Their City Connect Jerseys And They May Be The Best Looking Jerseys Ever

I can not say this enough, I absolutely LOVE the Padres City Connect Jerseys. Nike absolutely killed it with these. They're perfect for San Diego. Everything about them is just sick. The colors, the old school logo on the sleeve, everything is awesome. I love the vibrant colors. Never though you'd see lime green and pink on a baseball jersey, did ya? But guess what, it looks fire. Big fan of the two different color sleeves too, I think it's unique look. These jerseys are supposed to be fun and different, and that is exactly what they are. Such a different look than their normal brown/yellow color scheme, like the complete opposite. And that may be why they're so good. 

It's such a good look. Very clean looking, they're going to look awesome on the diamond too. The hat is fire also, straight fire. Someone pointed out that they look like jerseys you'd make in MLB The Show and that's spot on, but it's still a good look. I need them to wear these as much as they can. Rock these all the time. Friday night in San Diego and the Padres are rocking these bad boys? Good luck. Unreal job by Nike to produce this killer uniforms. I have to get my hands on a Machado jersey for sure. Honest to god these may be the best uniforms in sports now, they're that good.