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Welcome To The Golden Era: US Soccer Officially BACK In The Olympics For The First Time Since 2008

There we go boys. This is where we belong. We belong as a top-10 soccer country in the world at all levels. We're getting there. Fuck it, we are there. We are in a golden era between the USMNT, the U-20 team and everything else. Me personally? I'd like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Aaronson for having sex not just once, but twice. Brendan is going to play in the World Cup and Paxten helped send us to the Olympics.

Even got to the point where the Honduras losers were trying to hurt our boys. Red card late in the game, ref didn't even let any stoppage time happen. Then again why would he? We were up 3-0, because again, we're better than those Hondos - right KFC? 

2024 Olympics gold medal breaking up back to back World Cups is gonna be nice.