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Dana Beers Exposes The Chicks In The Office Team

If you haven't watched any of the Chicks Out West YouTube videos you need to go to our YouTube channel (linked below) for some entertainment & context. We had the pleasure of having the lovely Dana Beers step in to edit our San Francisco, Portland & Seattle tour vlogs. This gave Dana an inside scoop on the the ins & outs of our team dynamic. 

After all of his hard work, we had Dana on the podcast to discuss what everyone on the team is really like after having access to hours worth of footage. If you want to know what we're really like you need to tune into today's podcast. 

Chloe Veitch from 'Too Hot Too Handle' joins us on the podcast & explains why she choose 'Too Hot To Handle' over Love Island.

For the full breakdown listen to yesterdays's Chicks in the Office here: