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We Have Your July 4th Music Covered

It's a July 4th long weekend.

Everybody needs tunes to cover their backyard BBQ's, boating adventures, golf course shenanigans, and road trips. 

And luckily for you, Barstool Backstage has you covered for all the above and anything else you might be up to.

Dive in below to whatever suits your taste and be sure to follow us on Spotify and/or Apple Music to stay updated automatically to all the good stuff we pump out. 

Happy Birthday America!

The Ultimate 4th of July Playlist

(there are 573 songs, 40 hours of music. If one of the songs isn't to your liking fucking relax. You'll live. There's something for everyone)

The Yacht Rock Mixes Volume 1 & 2

If you're looking for a little bit of everything…

The Barstool Dixie Mix

If you're looking for 3 hours of Taylor Swift mashed up and remixed…

The T Swift Fix

If you're looking for 3 hours of classic, current, and alt rock…

Dante's Rockit Grand Re Opening Mix

If You're Looking To Rage…

The Barstool Blackout Mixes

Dante's Club Killers Mix


If you're looking for the perfect playlist for manning the grill…

Dad Rock Volumes 1-3

For a pool party…

If you're looking to set the mood being a pretentious asshole…

El Pres' Rich Person on Exotic Vacation You Can’t Afford Playlist