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Brian Windhorst Is A Genius

Today Brian Windhorst went on First Take and put the entire JV team ESPN trotted out there on his back. It was the last day before a long holiday weekend, everybody was calling out! But Windy had a scoop and he knew it. Not only did he deliver the funniest damn sports media monologue I've ever heard, but he nailed the story. He had to have known Rudy Gobert was getting dealt, but just hearing him put together the pieces of the puzzle for the rest of the co-hosts was incredible.

Considering this aired around 10:30am today, just over five hours later, we get a Woj bomb:

The fact that Windy dropped that all-time spot on First Take and then this broke hours later just proves he is the GOAT. I'm not even kidding when I say I've watched this 2:11 video at least 20 times today.

The absolute control of the room was incredible.

And the fact that this Gobert news comes out later, proves that Windy knew. What a legend!

Thank you for letting us come on this ride Windy, it was an absolute thrill.