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Beau Allen Will No Longer Be Accepting Money To Play Football

Whoa... Given, I'm not necessarily a #sports writer here, but it sounds like he's looking to the future & will be seeking other means of payment beyond our outdated banking system. Among the possible alternative currencies the Patriots could compensate him with are Dunkin gift cards, DogeMoon, Amazon coins, or Berkshares. We haven't seen anything like this yet and it's an interesting first step by a player to seek out financ.... 

Ope. Hold on. Might have misread this situation. 

Ahh, Beau Allen is retiring. And he's doing it with grace & gratitude:

Any player that’s worth a shit will tell you that it’s the people involved that really make the game special. My time in Philadelphia, Tampa Bay and New England was spent with so many amazing teammates, coaches and support staff. You guys have done so much for me, I can’t even begin to thank you all. At the end of the day, it’s you all that I will miss most about the game - let’s not be strangers.

As he said, what a career…. 7 years, 3 teams, 1 Super Bowl Championship with the most beloved team in the nation… "What a ride."

And lest we forget, most important of all, Allen is the sole reason Steven Cheah stayed aboard the ship & eventually became content after he forgot to give Big Cat a hot gambling tip back in '19.

From all accounts a wonderful human being with an amazing career. Hopefully one of the actual Philly or NE sports folks here will cover him with more depth shortly, but best of luck to him in whatever the future holds. 

In the meantime you can hear his PMT interview here:

Ok, one more for pure enjoyment: