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"I Have A Competition Problem"--Michael Jordan--Chief

My name is Ryan and I have a competition problem. IF that is a problem, which I am not sure that it is, but that is part of who I am. I like to compete at stuff. Like...everything. If there's a game or a sport I will play it and play it and play it and play it and play it until I win or the other guy quits. I would've been fucking GREAT at World War I. I am at my best in the mud and winning wars of attrition. 

Everyone talks about how middle school and high school were such trying times. They definitely were for me too. That is when it became "cool" to not try to win in gym class or recess. I tried so hard to be cool, but that is just never going to be me. It's not how I am wired. I am decidedly NOT cool and I do like to win. Those internal struggles you have with yourself at that age when you want to fit in, you want girls to like you, and you want to be the cool aloof bad boy who didn't give a shit...I couldn't do it. I was 5'1 as a 16 year-old and left gym class sweaty and then hated myself for it. Eventually...I just leaned in and let it out and the way it gets let out is by being the champion of pop-a-shot, the champion of hooks, and trying to beat Danny in anything he will play against me in. An important lesson to all the kids out there...you gotta be yourself. And if yourself is being cut from the same cloth as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Patrick Kane, and Tiger Woods then just be that. Embrace your competition problem (responsibly)