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NWA's ICE CUBE Swings Into The Barstool Chicago Office - Episode 25 Of "Chicago Stool Scenes" Is LIVE

It's not every day an A-lister like Ice Cube swings into our office. Usually it's just us 4 meatheads, that little Twink intern Danny, Tom our executive producer and Harry/the interns. Oh and Hannah and Sydnie, can't forget about those bums. 

That ain't Cube though. We were in the presence of a music revolutionary and had a nice little hour sit down with him on our music podcast, On The Guest List. 

You can check that interview out here.  

Joking aside - this is my favorite series we do in Chicago. Just captures all the inner office fucking around we get to do. Personally, any time I watch a new episode I'm reminded of how lucky I am to work at this company and that's necessary sometimes in the sea of negativity and finger pointing that is the internet. 


Tom Leigh - he works tirelessly to put these out with his team and they're always just A+, the Barstool Chicago office wouldn't be what it is without Tom and Tom's team addition. No bullshit we'd be a rudderless ship (not completely, but way worse IMO) 

Hannah Tran - our social girl that sounds like she smokes 10 packs a day (she paralyzed her vocal chords at a Pitbull concert (lmfao)). She also works her ass off coming up with new social media shticks for us because we're all old dudes and not "hip" anymore so don't know how to TikTok or anything

Chief - we didn't have much content for Tom to work with this week because a lot of us have been doing other shit for work and not in the office as much as we typically are. Chief carried the show this week. I was nervous this would be a boring ep but Chief crushed it

That little Twink Danny can suck my nuts