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Stranger Things Is BACK! Now Let's Make Our Predictions About What Is Going To Happen And Who Is Going To Die!

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Blogger's Note: I can hear this gif

Well the Duffer Brothers decided to hijack another American holiday weekend by releasing Volume 2 of Stranger Things 4 right before our forefathers declared their independence right in King George's big stupid face. I haven't gotten a chance to watch Volume 2 yet, which I've decided is okay to be called a fancy word like Volume 2 instead of Part 2 since Volume 1 ended with a Mike Breen bang.

However, the early reviews are that Volume 2 is fucking AWESOME.

I have since closed my DMs so I don't get spoiled before watching the final. But @Scheckie34 ain't never told me a lie!

I know some people are wondering why I haven't watched Volume 2 considering it's only two episodes, I am a giant nerd, and it's kinda part of my job. However let me remind you that the Part 2 Volume 2 premiere is 1.5 hours and the Part 2 finale is 2.5 hours.

So yeah, we are going to be diving into pretty much two movies that apparently is going to get DARK.

Which means it's time to make some predictions about all the chaos that's going to get unleashed on our souls. So here goes nothing!

- My biggest predictions are that Ms. Kelly is going to be a MASSIVE part of Volume 2 since she is a sus ass bitch, as I explained on the My Mom's Basement TikTok that you should definitely subscribe to.

- I don't know what the hell Will's drawing is. It could be a painting of Michael, it could be a painting of Eleven, it could be a painting of him and Vecna joining forces back in Season 1.

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No matter what it is, it's gonna play a huge role in the California turned Utah about to turn Upside Down part of this story because they've been hammering us over the head with it like a certain storyline in Game of Thrones that led to the rightful king taking the throne in Westeros.

#Branwagon. Forever.

- Nancy Wheeler is going to survive the Upside Down and marry me

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Once my wife divorces me for all the dumb shit I do at this job and I can figure out how to marry a fictional character

- Whatever is under Lucas' bed isn't going to be all that disgusting for those of us that have grown up on the internet and Barstool Sports. I originally thought it would be a cum sock but that's seems a little extreme for a show where we have seen these kids grow up. So maybe a book of lovey dovey poetry about Max before one of them potentially kicks the bucket? Again, I'm thinking DARK for the end of this season, on par with Empire Strikes Back or Infinity War.

- An absolutely incredible piece of merch is going to come from the final two episodes to go with the wonderful merch we have already released.

FYI, The Hellfire Club shirts are already sold out in XL and 3XL but the rest can be bought here:

- I'm not sure who Eddie is saving here or what he is playing. But he is going to CRUSH it then bite a head off an Upside Down bat like he's Ozzy Osbourne.

- Speaking of Eddies, we brought our Eddie for a death pool draft where we broke down all our thoughts about who we think is going live and die:

I went with the Chief strategy and picked with my heart by only drafting guys that won't gut me if they die. I like Murray and The Many Faced Gods guy. But they don't hold a candle to people like Eddie and Steve that would probably have better odds in the Barstool Sportsbook.

Robbie went with the heartless approach and took all the nice characters including MY FUTURE FUCKING WIFE. Eddie went with a very Eddie approach that was fair and just (don't you dare call say the R word about him either!).

For more predictions and the full death pool draft, check out this week's My Mom's Basement episode on YouTube.

Or on Apple/Spotify.

If you wanna catch up on what Robbie and I thought about each episode of Volume 1, we did quick 15 minute recaps with our random thoughts that you can watch exclusively on the My Mom's Basement YouTube.

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