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PLL Week 5 Picks And Previews: Don't Let The Waterdogs Get Hot!

The PLL heads up to Minnesota this weekend for 4 more games before the All Star Break. 2 games tonight, 2 games tomorrow, and then we won't have anymore regular season games until the 23rd. 

Up until last week, the Waterdogs were still winless on the season. But then came the Toilet Bowl. The 0-3 Chaos vs the 0-3 Waterdogs in Baltimore. And let me tell ya, the Waterdogs didn't even courtesy flush after taking a massive dump on the Chaos. 18-9 to get their first win of the year, and it might have been the most important win of the season so far. Sure, they still might be in the bottom half of the league. But for the first time in history, the Waterdogs have won a game with Michael Sowers in the lineup. And now that the Sowers Curse has been lifted? Well all I'm saying is that you might not want to let this team get hot heading into the break. It'll be up to Whipsnakes to do that tomorrow night. 

So on today's episode Doogs, Billy and myself give our picks and preview all the games this weekend in Minneapolis. It's a great weekend to go after some plus signs. 

PLL Week 5 Schedule

(all games are on ESPN+ this weekend)

Friday, 7pm // Archers (2-2) vs Redwoods (1-3)

The Redwoods have really been turning things around the past couple of weeks after struggling out of the gate. They picked up their first win in week 3, and then put up a great fight against Whipsnakes last weekend in Baltimore. So I think they're starting to find their rhythm offensively, which is huge for being able to keep up with an Archers offense that can score the ball every time they touch it. I don't know whether Redwoods have found their game enough to come out with the win, but I like them enough to take Redwoods +1.5.

Friday, 9:45pm // Atlas (3-1) vs Chrome (4-0)

The Chrome are 4-0 on the season. But up until this year, they've never really done anything in the league that makes you comfortable with them being one of the top teams. So this game tonight should be a good test on whether or not the Chrome are legitimate contenders or just pretenders. I know the Atlas got pumped a bit by the Whipsnakes but I still think they're the best overall team in the league. So this will be a great matchup all over the field. I'm gonna go ahead and say this has the potential to be the best game of the regular season. Which sucks that it's a 9:45pm start because I'm old now and sure as shit going to be asleep before this game is over. But hopefully when I wake up in the morning, I see that the Atlas scored a garbage goal late in the game to lock up a 2-goal win and secure Atlas -1.5

Saturday, 6pm // Chaos (0-4) vs Cannons (1-3)

The Chaos are the only team in the league still looking for their first win. Granted, they didn't have a full roster for the first 3 weeks of the season and last week was their first time all together. But still. You DESPERATELY need to get in the win column before the all star break. I don't know if this is a must-win for the Chaos, but it sure as shit is a can't-lose. Something in my gut is telling me that they do neither of those things, so give me Cannons ML

Saturday, 8:45pm // Whipsnakes (4-0) vs Waterdogs (1-3)

The Whipsnakes might be 4-0 on the season, but they are still yet to cover. So you have to wonder to yourself if they're even any good. Team is just allergic to covering. Combine that with the fact that the Waterdogs' offense just remembered how to play lacrosse last week and I love the Dawgs +1.5

Have yourselves a weekend, boys and girls.