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Brian Windhorst Just Put Out A Monster Breadcrumb For The 2022 NBA Off-Season In A Hysterical Monologue That Completely Riveted The Hosts Of First Take

Listnen, I'm a Windy guy. Yes, he got an incredible opportunity cause he went to LeBron's high school. But he's seven years older than LeBron and was a journalism major in college. Why not write about your HS team with a great phenom when nobody else can cover it like you? Windy then started covering the Cavs and was the youngest beat reporter in the league. He obviously developed a relationship with LeBron and has elevated in NBA and Sports Media since then and done a great job covering the stars of the league. The guy is resourceful and takes advantages of his opportunities which I have nothing but respect and love for.

But he's also developing into a bit of a showman and he put on a Prime Cowherd performance with this monologue to the First Take desk today. It was all based around this one trade that Woj broke yesterday that seemed insignificant.

It did get buried on the feed as the Nets had some critical news break three minutes earlier.

And who knows what Utah will do. Windy laid out the breadcrumb that maybe they could be a fire sale team looking for a complete rebuild. There have been rumors of Rudy Gobert getting dealt and rumblings that Donovan Mitchell is "unsettled" and "unnerved" regarding the future of the Jazz, so who knows what's going to happen there.

But this blog is a tribute to Windy who put on an absolute masterclass today. It's so rare for a sports media member to be talking completely serious and it also is laugh out loud funny and he achieved that this morning. So shout out Windy. 

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