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Chace Crawford's Penis Had To Be Edited To A Smaller Size On The New Season Of "The Boys"

On today's Pardon My Take... CHACE CRAWFORD! The actor joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss his career, sending his first tweet since 2015, being cousins with Tony Romo, and much more. The guys also got into a topic that was, let's say, a bit graphic. Crawford came on the show to promote a new season of "The Boys," and Mr. Cat came across a potential rumor regarding a very unique edit that potentially needed to be made on the show. Let's get into the details...

Mr. Cat: The story read, basically, that in the new season of "The Boys" on Amazon, they had to use CGI effects to shrink your penis because it was too big. That might be the coolest story that's ever been written about anyone. That literally is what I read, I mean, it's a ridiculous thing. Here's the story, "Chace Crawford reveals why his bulge was edited out of "The Boys," and then the article was like, "Yeah, it was too big. They had to make it smaller." What the fuck?

Chace Crawford: I feel like there's a game of telephone that's been happening, but now, that it has ended at this place, I can't confirm nor deny. I'm not going to deny it, obviously.

Mr. Commenter: Of course not.

Mr. Cat: Either you have a huge cock or you have the greatest publicist of all-time, like one or the other. I need a story like that where it's like, "Yeah, Pardon My Take's a family program, so they had to edit, you know..."

Chace Crawford: "It's all happening according to plan. Yes, it's all finally taking shape."

Mr. Cat: I was just doing a little research, and I was like, "Wait, is this story real?"

Mr. Cat: Showrunner [Eric] Kripke was like, "We get no notes from Amazon, but the first one we got was, 'that can't fucking happen, we've got to take that out, and we've got to edit it out.'" The very first note you've ever gotten, the first one, your show has people's heads that explode, constantly.

Chace Crawford: And they don't care really about anything else. 

Mr. Commenter: There's just like pink mist and goo everywhere in the show and they're like, "That cock's too big."

Mr. Cat: "Yeah, Chace's cock is way too large. What the fuck."

Mr. Commenter: "Can we make it more realistic?"

Cace Crawford: Oh man…

Mr. Commenter: And why do we have to bring CGI into this? Why can't we just spray you down with water?

Mr. Cat: Yeah, make it, turn the AC down, I don't know.

Chace Crawford: Yeah, an ice bath. 

Mr. Commenter: "We had to spend $4 million to make Chace's cock look smaller."

Mr. Cat: The best part is, I love these stories because I always just think about, like, the dude that spent years and years at USC filmmaking school, and like, his job is now to just make your dick smaller.

Chace Crawford: Frame, by frame, by frame.

Mr. Cat: He's sitting in the room in his computer, he's like a genius person who spent years and years perfecting his craft. And the studio's like, "Hey, we got a big task for you." "What's up? Am I going to make these guys go to the moon or something? Make it look really cool…" "Nope, just going to have you adjust this one real quick."

Chace Crawford: Welcome to The Boys. This is a new show…

Mr. Commenter: I wonder if they teach that in school, if there's actually like a class that shows the art to making it smaller. 

Chace Crawford: Dick editing? Yeah.

Mr. Commenter: Dick editing 101, there's probably more in the valley than there is at USC.

I mean, what a story. Certainly a HUGE W for our guy Chace Crawford. His private part down low is just TOO big for the big screen. Wild.