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Kurtis MacDermid Found Out The Hard Way That The Stanley Cup Gets Significantly Heavier After You've Been Boozing Out Of It For 72 Straight Hours

Kurtis MacDermid is one of the toughest sons of bitches in the National Hockey League. He has fights against Reaves, Deslauriers, Lucic and Nick Foligno. All some of the baddest dudes in the game and none of them have been able to firmly plant Kurtis MacDermid on his ass. 

The Stanley Cup, though? Well Lord Stanley delivered the knockout punch. 

That's the thing about the Cup. People forget that it weighs 35 lbs because all the boys hoist it up over their head like its nothing when they win it. But in reality, that's a small child they're holding on to. And once you've been partying with the Cup for 72 hours straight and consuming no less than several hundred beers in the process? Turns out that 35 lbs gets significantly heavier. DOWN GOES MACDERMID. DOWN GOES MACDERMID. 

The good news here is he can use this as a learning experience. MacDermid is signed through the 23-24 season so he'll definitely have a shot at winning the Cup again with Colorado. Next time he'll know better. After the 2nd day of partying with the Cup, maybe you don't need to hold it up over your head anymore. Or at least not until you mix in a few waters first.