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Fall Guys Is Back! With The Latest Update, Fall Guys Is Free To Play And Fully Cross-Platform

Fall Guys is back!! But was it ever really gone in the first place...?

With the latest update to Fall Guys, the game is free to play and fully cross-platform. So, it doesn't matter if you're on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox or PlayStation: every single user can now party up together! They also added into a squads mode which is ridiculously fun.

Previously, if you and your squad wanted to play Fall Guys, at the last level it would turn into every man verse each other. Only one goob could be crowned! So that led to a lot of turmoil and chaos within groups. In today's game, you can squad up and compete as as a unit. Points are awarded pending on where each teammate finishes and so on. So for the final stage, you work together as a team to get the notorious Fall Guys crown.

This game is an absolute BLAST to play with anyone and everyone. The game is now ran by Epic Games which means the collabs we're about to see are going to legendary. Right now you're able to play as Master Chief or Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed! Good starting point if you ask me.

The next Stoolie Night may include Fall Guys! Can't wait.