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Sources: Jalen Brunson Is Actually A Good Basketball Player (The Sources Are Ja Morant, Mikal Bridges, Desmond Bane, And Davion Mitchell)

Well would you look at that? I've been told for so long by random NBA fans that barely watched any Mavs games over the last few years just how much the Knicks were overpaying a 25-year-old point guard on the rise, I forgot that there were people who may actually think Jalen Brunson was good. Namely the people that actually play against him. 

I'm not sure if their words carry as much weight as people like @Mike937604852917 on Twitter saying the Knicks blew it again despite this Knicks front office being light years ahead of every Knicks front office this century not run by Donnie Walsh, so I guess we'll just have to see how things play out with Brunson over the next four years.

Also by four years I mean three years with a player option that goes down as the NBA salary cap inevitably goes up to the point where 8th men are making $100+ million.

If you want my knucklehead take on the matter, I'll say that nobody likes guarding a lefty point guard. Excuse me, a crafty lefty point guard since all lefties are considered crafty. They are also quirky, resourceful and a pain in the ass whose shots somehow always look smooth, which is something analytics can't 

I'm not sure if Leon Rose is looking to completely fuck up the NBA by rolling out an all lefty lineup. But the Knicks are officially a lefty shooting guard from being able to do so after signing Isaiah Hartenstein, who is lowkey fun as fuck to watch.

You know what? I can be convinced to keeping Julius Randle if it means the Knicks will have an all lefty lineup in the rotation just to see what the hell happens. Maybe having a lefty lineup is the new version of having guys that can stretch the floor by shooting from halfcourt. But if you like traditional breakdowns for the signing, here are some of the best in the basketball biz doing so.

You get the point and can click the threads for the rest of the videos

Oh yeah and Jalen was a Knicks fan when he was young, namely when his dad was cashing paychecks from the Knicks. But I know how much Knicks fans love when their players are shown wearing Knicks gear as kids. 

Most importantly, Jalen Brunson may end this list of misery once and for all (no offense Pablo, that one good year with J Kidd, and the Good Raymond Felton Year).

I'd pay $500 billion to Brunson if it means I never have to see those names listed like the Browns QB jersey again. Now let's keep this offseason going by throwing a couple of random superstars names into the Twitterverse so we can Photoshop them in a Knicks uniform and make this a really fun summer in New York now that (some) players are taking the challenge to play in this city.