RUMOR: The Nats And Juan Soto Are Apparently Close On a 13 Year, $425 Million Deal


It's all rumors and hearsay right now, but if the whispers are true, what a massive deal that would be. At just 23 years old, Soto already is a World Series champion, Silver Slugger, and should be in contention for MVP for at least the next decade. He's obviously the centerpiece of any franchise, worth every penny, and will have a statue built next to Lincoln and Jefferson if he plays his entire career (or at least the next 13 years of it) in Washington DC.

I think the contract is fair all things considered. Hopefully the Nats can develop some pitching, make some savvy moves, and be right back in World Series contention by the time Soto hits his prime in 3-4 years. I mean I think we forget he's only 23 freakin' years old still! Guy hasn't even begun to peak!

Soto in a Nats jersey (and not the god damn Mets) for the next 13 years would be a chefs kiss. Like Zimmerman before him, Soto being a lifelong Nat would be incredible. Let's hope this deal gets done and then we can start working towards World Series number 2.