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The Case Race 2 Was Very Fast And Furious

After our first case race, which was almost two and a half hours, we knew what our tolerances would be. And we're all friends, but we can get competitive with each other. So we knew this would be a speed game. We also brought in two ringers in Shane Gillis and Will Compton. We had to start the show with laying the ground rules.

Kind of a weird vibe to start as we later found out KB was already drunk. He knew he couldn't do a lot of beer so he went to work on a Pink Whitney bottle before we even started. That led to some interesting conversations.

But again, we were all focused on speed this time. Even at the detriment to our co-workers eyes and noses.

Sas looks up to Shane, who is a very successful Comedian and Shane used that to take Sas out of the race mentally very early in the race.

We had to have a talk while Shane was in the bathroom with Lil Sas.

The Case Race finished in a ridiculous 63 minute, which was less than half the time of the first Case Race. Congrats to Shane and Rone on the victory. Will Compton & Nick Turani came in 2nd, but barely. You definitely can't question Will's heart after that performance though.

Shortly after taking a quick walk, Will took off his pants.

What happened next, for context, like everyone else, I was extremely drunk.

I'm not necessarily proud of how this looks, but I was honestly joking the whole time. Had Shane said literally any Chinese Food order I would've called it and dapped him up, but again, not proud of how it looked.

And while this is a funny idea, I don't see us boxing. In fact, we made up later and everyone left as pals.

We then moved into the slap wheel portion of the show and I was able to get some aggression out.

So did Big Cat. And Owen!

And we played some trivia hosted by Jeff D. Lowe that gave us images that will haunt us forever.

We then had a cake for our birthday boy Nick, who turned 30 on Tuesday.

At the end of the day, we all got way too drunk, way too fast and the results were all over the place. It was just a fun night with my pals that escalated, as things tend to do in those situations. Check out the full show below and drop in your favorite Chinese food order in the comments. Be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube too. We'll have a full day after reaction show airing tomorrow at the normal 1pm eastern/10am central we taped this morning.

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