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Sound The Alarm: Barstool Sports Store Has Collaborated With D'Jais Of Belmar

Today is a day of joining forces. Today is a day of super powers aligning. USC and UCLA joining the conference of Michigan and Ohio State. Barstool Sports joining forces with D'Jais in Belmar. 

The home of the site that invented the internet linking with the bar that invented Sunday Funday ... a match made in heaven, 

Check out the full collection below ... they are FIRE. 

A huge shoutout to Allison, Pilar , Welker and our entire merch team as well as all my good friends at D'Jais for getting this collab done. Frank,Bill.Kip, Charlie ,Bon … best guys in the business. 

I look forward to all you stoolies wearing your shirts and tanks for happy hour at 1801 Ocean Ave, 

God…country….D'Jais , Happy 4th of July