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Audi Has A New Hack To Beat Traffic

If you read my blog the other day, I tried to fix traffic with only being allowed on the highway at a certain time that pertained to what job you have. Now Audi has stepped it up and I have no idea how this can work but it sounds sick. 

So Audi has the technology to have access to all the traffic lights which just seems highly illegal but if it fixes traffic I don't care. So they have some features on there where if you are sitting at a light it will count down how many seconds it has left until it turns green. That is actually sick because now wouldn't have any bastards beeping right when the light turns green because now people will have a timer.

 The best thing if you live in New York City when you drive the lights are so close together so when you hit a string of lights when they are all green you feel like you are in a game of mario kart and beating the system and when you hit a red light you lose. Now Audi has a system where if you go a certain speed when it tells you, you will hit all of the green lights and never stop so basically has figured out traffic. I am still a little skeptical that they have control over the lights because I just feel like something can go wrong and what happens if it is wrong. Like it is counting down the seconds to a green light you press the gas and its still red you'd be fucked. 

Regardless I commend anyone that is trying to fix traffic so I might have to just go test drive an Audi to see this technology. For my dumb friends that don't know I have this technology I would make bets like let's try and count how many seconds until it turns green and the closest to the number wins $50. I would be rich and dont' have to find a job in February.