The Official Barstool Sports Stranger Things 4 Death Pool Draft Featuring Eddie (The One From Barstool Chicago, Not Stranger Things)


Bob Fox and I went back into the basement to talk Stranger Things 4 once again and this time we brought our beloved pal Eddie with us. Not Hellfire Club Eddie, who rules.

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But Dog Walk Eddie, who rules just as much as that Eddie if not more.

In honor of Eddie joining us on the pod, we gave him some home cooking by doing a draft like he does weekly on The Dog Walk by doing a Stranger Things Death Pool on who we thought would be murdered by Vecna, a demogorgon, or whatever other fucked up shit comes out of the Upside Down.

I'll be honest, I went with the Chief style of drafting by picking with my heart. I think Steve and/or Eddie are meat. But I would be devastated if that actually happens, even though I wished death on Steve for at least two full seasons after he pulled this stunt on my sweet Nancy.

Robbie also is sitting in Steve's old seat on my shit list after drafting my sweet Nancy in the death pool since I'm on the record saying I am going to marry Nancy Wheeler if/when my wife divorces me for all the dumb shit I do here at Barstool. I'm not sure how a real human can marry a fictional character. But I feel like it'll be possible within the next 5 years.

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In addition to the Death Pool, we also got into some predictions for Volume 2, such as:

- Ms. Kelly being a big part of the Upside Down since she is at best on the Sus List and at worst a sus piece of shit.

- Will playing a huge part in everything due to the Bran Stark Corollary that states if a super boring storyline keeps lingering without any pay off for almost an entire season, it will pay off huge by the finale. Hence why I called Bran becoming king years before it happened.

The #Willwagon is the new #Branwagon, no matter what crazy shit is in his picture

- Something huge is going down between Max and Lucas. Whether or not that something is the disgusting thing under Lucas' bed is still TBD, as is whether or not that disgusting thing is a cum sock. 

- We have absolute fire Stranger Things merch for this season that just got restocked. So buy them now before they sell out!


If you want quick 10-15 minute recaps of every episode from Volume 1 of Season 4, check them out exclusively on the My Mom's Basement YouTube:

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I'd also love to hear everyone's death pool picks in the comments. Or you can tell Robbie he's a bad friend for drafting Nancy in the death pool. Either or will work.