RIP The 2022 Mets

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Here lies the 2022 Mets. A good baseball team, some would say potentially great baseball team once they got their two pitchers with generational talent back along with whatever trade deadline moves that come from a GM that crushed his first offseason with the Mets along with a billionaire owner that already says he plans to piss all over the luxury tax designed to curb his spending.

However, there is no joy once again in Metsville as the Amazins lost three games in a row for their first losing stream of the season, which means it's over. Finito. A HARD CUNCEL. Very sad news for a team that entered the day with the best record in the National League and has a +57 run differential. But the Mets body is as cold as their bats that got shutout by two very bad pitchers Framber Valdez and Justin Verlander, who are near the bottom of the American League in ERA.

Oh wait, a low ERA is good and those two pitchers are in the Top 10 in ERA for the American League? Maybe the season isn't over and the Mets offense that is third in the NL in runs had a couple of tough games against tough pitchers. That's great news for a team (hopefully) getting Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom back soon, since their annual June swoon occurred yet again without either of their horses to help out.

Oh yeah that's right. The Mets finished up .500 despite facing a gauntlet of playoff teams. Maybe this team isn't dead after all, no matter what certain Mets fans say…

Well now that the season is back on, we can talk about the Mets fans giving up on the season as the Mets sit in first place entering July, who shall be known as Cuntsellers for now on.


We also dissect the Mets upcoming schedule AKA The July Resupply and Frank The Tank joins us to make a bet with me about how the Mets will do in their next 10 games against the Rangers, Reds, and Marlins on today's We Gotta Believe.