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Walking By A Satanic Ritual Going On In An Alley Way Is Something I'm All Set On

Oh GEEZ LOUISE! This is too creepy for me to even comprehend. Walking around alone at night could be scary enough as is...and now we're throwing literal satanic rituals into the equation? I am trying to picture myself roaming around Manhattan (potentially intoxicated) at 4am after the bars close and the streets are empty only to run into a scene like this out of an Ari Astor movie? I could not be ANY MORE set if I tried. 

And the most horrifying part of it is we don't even know what was going on? Was it satanic? Probably. Could it have been witchcraft? Definitely. Could it have been voodoo? I don't know if that was New Orleans, but hell I guess it sure could have been voodoo as well. Although I need to give credit where credit is due on whoever shot and posted that video because they absolutely nailed the musical background on there. Couldn't have been better to add to the aesthetic and by add to the aesthetic I mean literally make me shit my pants due to the horror.